Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be to be accepted into your Junior Kindergarten or Senior Kindergarten?

Children need to be four years old by August 1 of the enrolled school year for our Junior Kindergarten and five years old by August 1 of the enrolled school year for our Senior Kindergarten.


Can I put my name on a waiting list? My child will be ready for Junior Kindergarten in two years?

Rossman School does not maintain a waiting list. Please contact us in the fall of the year prior to the year when your child would be eligible to enroll to start the admission process.


I would like to tour your school and visit classrooms. Am I able to do that at any time?

We encourage every family interested in applying to schedule a personal tour with our Director of Admission, Katharine Durham.


Will you make an exception on the age requirement for my child?

We’ve learned through years of experience that children need to be grouped according to all of the following maturities: cognitive, social, physical and emotional. Our experience has shown us that young students placed ahead of their chronological peer group frequently find themselves at a disadvantage later in their development in one way or another. Our academic program recognizes that students acquire academic skills at different rates and in different ways. We’re committed to challenging each child appropriately at all grade levels; we present children with activities and materials that allow a full range of challenges and experiences. When making the important decision of when to enroll a child in kindergarten, we ask parents to think beyond their daughter or son’s “readiness” for their earliest school years, and consider their child’s development at all ages, including early adolescence and the teen years leading into college, and the quality of the college experience itself.


What is your admission evaluation process?

Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten evaluations are a combination of an individual developmental assessment by teachers and observation of children in small playgroups at Rossman. The day is usually great fun for the children and allows a sneak preview of a potential class. With parental permission, we often visit pre-schools to see children in their familiar school environment.

Rossman often has a few openings in the first through sixth grades. Children in these grades are evaluated through a series of grade appropriate tests. Second through sixth grade applicants are invited to spend a school day at Rossman.


What items are required to complete the application?

Application For Admission, Independent Schools of Saint Louis Common Teacher Referral Form (will be sent directly from Rossman School to your child’s school in January), Photo of your child (optional), Personal Tour and Transcripts, including current report card, from present school (for children applying to Grades 1 through 6).


When are admission decisions made?

Families are informed about admission decisions in mid March if they participate in the regular evaluation schedule. Later applicants are evaluated, if space is available, with individually scheduled appointments.


What happens if a child has been placed in the admission waitpool?

When there are more qualified applicants than openings available, we establish an unranked waiting pool. When an opening occurs, the admission committee decides to which student to offer a space based upon the overall profile of the class and the match between the strengths of the child and the needs of the school.


What is your sibling policy?

While Rossman is a family school, we are also committed to making sure Rossman is the right school for each child. If qualified, siblings and legacies are given preferential placement at the Junior Kindergarten level.

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