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The 2014 Hour of Code was held worldwide last week, and Rossman School once again participated in this extraordinary event. Our students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 spent at least one hour last week doing activities in their classrooms sponsored by We were a small part of the 75 million people that had fun while learning the basics of coding.

Our goal is to get our students excited about the possibilities that lay before them and help them understand that learning to code will help them in whatever direction their lives take...Read more

Third grade recently explored the trait of voice in writing. Students learned how to create strong voice by incorporating humor, dialogue, thoughts, and emotion. We discussed the importance of making a reader feel what the character is feeling (e.g. embarrassed, hurt or nervous). Each student was given an emotion to write about. They brainstormed a situation in which a character would feel that way and then thought of a logical conclusion. They couldn't use their emotion word in their story, but readers should be able to guess after reading. Can you guess the emotion felt by Madison's...Read more

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

Each year, third graders participate in a service project to support Operation Food Search. Operation Food Search is the largest distributor of free food in the St. Louis area, helping to feed people in our city everyday. More than 150,000 people are helped each month by this organization.

To kick off our service project, we began talking to our students about the...Read more

Education is an invaluable resource we are given the right to enjoy. The sixth grade students at Rossman explored this idea as they learned how children around the world fight and strive for education. We reflected and wrote about our morning routines and the journeys we take to arrive at school each day. Learning about the dangers that some children in the world must face in order to achieve an education, the sixth graders recognized the value of education around the world and began to feel grateful for the education that they enjoy everyday.

We focused on one family’s trip to...Read more

In conjunction with our study of North America and the reading of our first two literature books this year, we took a journey that eventually had us focusing on one word, “pilgrim.” We asked, “What is a pilgrim? What was it really like for the early pilgrims who came to this country, and what about modern day pilgrims to our country?”

First, we found ourselves talking about how different the continents looked millions of years ago and how people traveled across land bridges that once connected continents. This proved to be a perfect lead into the study of the ancient Mississippian...Read more


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