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Afterschool Enrichment Program Courses

Important: Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment is complete and your place reserved when your online enrollment form and payment (check only) have both been received.

Classes are cancelled one week prior to start date if minimum class size has not been met. Please enroll at least one week in advance to help ensure your class is not cancelled.

Unless otherwise indicated, classes are offered from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. 


Grades 3 and 4  |  $215  |  Oct. 30 - Dec. 11 (6 weeks)

4 minimum / 10 maximum

This class is an opportunity for your child to get his or her hands in more clay. Join Rossman’s art teacher, Erica Spangler, and experiment with new clay techniques. Students will make and glaze a variety of projects including some free choice pieces.

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Messy Afternoons

Grades 1 and 2  |  $215  |  Sept. 11 - Oct. 23 (6 weeks)

4 minimum / 10 maximum

This course is a chance for students to get creative with all of those messy art supplies that parents don’t really want on the kitchen table. Join Rossman’s art teacher, Erica Spangler, for painting, printmaking and more. All students need to bring is their creativity! 

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Mr. Valdez’s Math Enrichment

Grades 3 through 5  |  $425  |  Sept. 11 - Dec. 11 (12 weeks)

5 minimum / 10 maximum

Students will develop and gain confidence in their mathematical skills, increase their enjoyment of mathematics, and improve their ability to work with others. We will use the Rossman math curriculum (Everyday Mathematics) and explore alternative ways to understand and solve problems using different computation methods. Students will also work on more challenging concepts using problem-solving techniques in peer groups.

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Ninja Obstacles

Grades SK through 4  |  $105  |  Sept. 11 - Nov. 13 (8 weeks)

10 minimum / 15 maximum

Experience the excitement and thrills of the TV show's favorite challenges. Test your agility and balance on the Quad Steps and the Spinning Log!  Navigate Cannon Ball Alley and the Cliff Hanger! All obstacles are designed with the young athlete in mind. They will challenge upper body strength, balance and coordination. Our enthusiastic coaches teach proper technique and add helpful tips to assist the athlete in mastering each obstacle.

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Mad Science

Grades JK and SK  |  $105  |  Sept. 26 - Nov. 28 (8 weeks)  |  3:15-4:00 p.m.

10 minimum / 15 maximum

Students will explore space from the comfort of the classroom. Discover the world of worms. Dig up some dinosaur bones. What sinks? What floats? Investigate what happens in water. Mix up some science fun with modeling dough and more! 

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Robot Challenge

Grades 2 through 5  |  $135  |  Sept. 5 - Oct. 10 (6 weeks)

8 minimum / 15 maximum

Students will learn engineering strategies and building techniques as they use robots constructed from LEGO bricks to complete missions using remote controls. “Apply your knowledge and skill in friendly competition. Complete as many missions as you can in a specific time frame to win the ultimate challenge match. Take your building to the next level!”

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Stage Struck

Grades 2 through 4  |  $150  |  Oct. 10 – Dec. 12 (8 weeks)

8 minimum / 12 maximum

In this COCA class, students will learn acting skills through theatre games and improvisation, with a focus on developing concentration and confidence. They'll also work on building theatre vocabulary and audience etiquette.

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Beginners Chess

Grades JK through 1  |  $75 per session
Session 1: Sept. 6 - Oct. 11 (6 weeks)
Session 2: Oct. 25 - Dec. 6 (6 weeks)

6 minimum / 12 maximum

Join Checkmate St. Louis as we introduce beginning chess players to the “royal game.” Specifically for students in grades JK through 1, this class introduces young students to the rules of the game and basic strategies in a comfortable environment of beginners. This is a perfect head start in learning chess and is designed to compliment the more advanced Thursday Chess Club. Students also have the option of joining the advanced class when they feel comfortable with a basic understanding of chess. 

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Dance Party

Grades SK through 3  |  $120  |  Nov. 1 - Dec. 13 (6 weeks)

8 minimum / 12 maximum

In this Springboard class, students will explore the music and history associated with dance in America. They’ll learn hip-hop, disco and other dance moves that have developed in America while they choreograph and perform original dances in small groups. 

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Farsi - Pathway to Persia

Grades JK through 2  |  $285  |  Sept. 6 - Dec. 13 (14 weeks)

3 minimum / 8 maximum

“Salam Barhame!” In this beginner’s class led by an energetic and innovative teacher, students will have the opportunity to learn to speak the Farsi language and discover the local customs of Iran/Persia. Active learning with fast and easy practice allows students to become acquainted with the culture, cuisine and customs of its speakers. This basic Farsi language course offers elementary level conversational skills across topics such as greetings, introductions, counting and giving a compliment in Farsi (Persian). All materials will be provided. “Merci!”

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Grades 2 through 5  |  $98  |  Oct. 18 - Dec. 13 (8 weeks)

8 minimum / 12 maximum

This PC-based Minecraft class is a jumpstart for new users and will also offer challenges for seasoned players. We will cover tips for survival, traps, adventure mode, the Nether and end, and touch on Mods. Minecraft is not just another video game. It fosters imagination and 3D graphical understanding.

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Rossman Singers

Grades 4 through 6  |  FREE  |  Sept. 6 - Dec. 13 (12 weeks)

8 minimum / no maximum

Rossman Singers is offered for free by Rossman’s own music teacher, Chelsea Dorner. Students learn music of different genres and styles while gaining confidence as performers.

Enroll through Mrs. Dorner:


Grades 2 through 6  |  $160  |  Sept. 7 - Dec. 14 (12 weeks)

6 minimum / 30 maximum

Chess teacher Joseph Garnier guides a journey into a world of tactics and strategy. Each student is placed in a group according to his/her level for tailored instruction. Players practice tactics and strategy while improving their critical thinking skills. During the final three weeks of class, students compete in a tournament and have the opportunity to win prizes.

Along with 14 years of chess teaching experience, Joseph is an expert rated player with the United States Chess Federation. He was also the 2005 Missouri Scholastic Champion and is one of St. Louis' strongest blitz chess players.

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Hi NRG Gymnastics

Grades JK through 5  |  $200  |  Sept. 7 - Dec. 14 (12 weeks)

9 minimum / 18 maximum

Hi-NRG Gymnastics classes create a fun, safe environment conducive to learning. Children are proud of their progress in every class. The comprehensive curriculum helps them achieve quick results by focusing on correct technique such as proper start and finish positions. All skill levels are challenged as enthusiastic, experienced coaches introduce forward and backward rolls, handstand and handstand limbers, as well as cartwheels. Round offs, back bends, walk-overs and handsprings are for more advanced students when they are ready. Students cultivate coordination, agility, strength and balance while learning new skills and building confidence.

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Grades 4 through 6  |  $180  |  Sept. 7 - Oct. 26 (8 weeks)

8 minimum / 15 maximum

In this COCA class, students will receive an introduction to the basics of photography. They will will experiment with a variety of conventional and unconventional cameras and techniques, as well as learn how to use composition, light, shadow and point of view to communicate their ideas.

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Afterschool Sports

Grades: 3 and 4

Mondays & Fridays All Year

Grades: 5 and 6

Tuesdays & Wednesdays All Year

This unsurpassed sports program offers soccer, flag football, lacrosse/field hockey, volleyball, tumbling, dance, hockey, basketball, racket sports, track and field and softball, and fitness. Though primarily a recreational program, some inter-school competition is offered.

There is no fee to participate in Afterschool Sports and no registration necessary. Just come and enjoy.



Grades: SK through 5  |  Sept. - Dec. (12 weeks)  |  Day TBD after demonstration day, Sept. 5

IMACS Mathematics Enrichment classes develop mathematical and logical reasoning using logic puzzles, deductive games, mathematical problem solving and other interesting mathematical activities.  

Students acquire a well-grounded self-confidence and show significant improvement in thinking and reasoning and in the ability to tackle non-routine problems. IMACS is not intended to replace the Rossman math curriculum; rather, it is an enrichment program for students with an intense interest in mathematics.

IMACS Mathematics Enrichment classes are not grouped by grade level, but by intuitive ability. Four levels of classes are offered: Primary, Elementary, Mathematics and Full Enrichment. Assessments by IMACS teachers will determine the appropriate class and day for your child.

If you would like to attend a demonstration class, contact Doug Hunt at (314) 569-4184 or visit

Enroll through IMACS. Call (314) 569-4184.


Lessons Unlimited

Grades: JK through 6

Date/Time TBD

Founded in 2001, Lessons Unlimited is a group of dedicated music teachers who care about student education by fostering music appreciation. L.U. instructors are members of both the National Music Teachers Association and the Missouri Music Teachers Association and have an average of over 15 years of teaching experience.

L.U. offers music lessons at any level, introductory to advanced, to students and their family members. The lessons are arranged on an individual or group basis for both children and adults and are scheduled during afterschool hours and on Saturdays. L.U. offers lessons for a variety of instruments — piano, violin, guitar, percussion, clarinet, flute, saxophone and many more. They can also accommodate specific instrument requests. Lessons can be given for groups — band, string, wind ensembles and more. Students will be given opportunities to perform during Lessons Unlimited recitals and school events.

For more information visit

Enroll through Lessons Unlimited. Contact Sophia Freedman at (314) 640-7581.

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