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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Rossman provides a strong, well-balanced education in a nurturing school community committed to excellence.


Our Commitment

Rossman, founded in 1917, is a co-educational, independent elementary day school. The School is committed to educating children with the willingness and capability to benefit from its program regardless of race, creed or economic status. High and consistent standards promote student responsibility for the development of a positive self-image and the realization of each child’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative potential. Through shared standards and open communication, parents are engaged as partners in this process.


Climate and Culture

The small school community of one class per grade level provides a personal and supportive climate. Faculty and staff thoughtfully share responsibility for a secure environment that is further strengthened by open and mutually respectful relationships with the parents and the children. Strong character development with an emphasis on honesty, kindness, respect and responsibility permeates both the people and programs. These traits are the cornerstone for personal accountability, citizenship and service learning. Shared mealtime between the children and the faculty in the dining room promotes a sense of family and community.


Curricular Program 

Beginning with the Junior Kindergarten program and extending through the sixth grade, the faculty seeks to build on the natural curiosity of children and their readiness to learn. Therefore, the curriculum is developmentally designed to provide a balance between formal and informal learning experiences within and beyond the school community. Voluntary Afterschool Enrichment and Extended Day programs provide additional opportunities and services for children and families.

The rigorous academic program challenges and stretches each student. Team teaching by two experienced educators occurs at all grade levels for language arts and mathematics. Specialty teachers provide leadership in art, foreign languages (Spanish/Latin), library/media, music, physical education, science, and social studies. Technology actively supports teaching and learning. Rossman strategically updates hardware, software and the school website to reflect the rapidly changing technological world. Desktop computers, laptops and iPads are readily accessible to all students via the school’s Media Services program. Access to the school’s network, the internet, Google Apps for Education, and the online library database enhances communication among faculty, staff and parents, and supports learning initiatives throughout the school and at home.

Students are actively engaged in the learning process through experiences that promote analytical and critical thinking, risk taking, investigation, individual creativity, cooperation, and collaboration. The inculcation of a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently are priorities. The faculty, working together as homeroom and specialty teachers, uses a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate individual learning styles, overcome weaknesses and build on strengths. Curriculum reviews carefully study the impact of a fast-changing world on basic content and instructional practice.


Character and Citizenship 

Rossman School teaches children compassion for others as well as appreciation of differences among people. A high value is placed on diversity and multicultural understanding. Through careful attention to the whole child, the faculty and staff strive to prepare students for responsible citizenship and meaningful participation in a global society.


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