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When Covid shut us down in the spring of 2020, we were determined to simulate the beloved fifth grade camp experience somehow. With the help of an enthusiastic student committee, we planned a virtual campout with many Zoom boxes featuring fire pits, tents and s’mores! Students had a blast sharing camp songs, instrument performances, jokes, ghost stories and even pet tricks well into the evening! 

In 2021, the fifth grade team planned an awesome two-day camp experience on campus at Rossman. Students frolicked and bonded with team-building activities, skits, and games galore—soccer,...Read more

Time is a wonderful gift we can give to children. I often encourage parents to give their children the gift of time. Time together one on one. Time to learn something new. Time to be bored. Time to be a kid and escape the business of the schedule. 

We are all bound by time, and school is no exception to this rule. When teaching, time can easily become a dictator of the schedule. I only have time to do this, or I’m not sure if we have time to do that. Afterall, we only have about 1,100 hours in a school year to teach the kids everything we have planned. This is something I reflect on...Read more

Over spring break, I had the privilege of visiting Hawaii with my family. Though the Hawaiian breezes and beaches were heavenly, one of the true highlights of our vacation was learning more about Hawaiian culture.  One night, we had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Hawaiian Luau. Amidst the lively dancing and singing, the narrator explained some of the myths, customs, and traditions of their culture. She spoke of the word “aloha,” familiar to so many of us. What I did not know was the deeper meaning of “aloha,” expressed through an acronym for each letter of the word. As she...Read more

In Sixth Grade math, we recently finished our “window project”, which takes place at the end of our geometry unit and centers on Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic leaded glass windows. This project calls on student’s reading, art, and math skills! I love collaborating with other teachers across subjects to create projects like this one that engage students on various levels.


This project starts with a two-day introduction into the life and work of Frank Lloyd...Read more

Sixth grade at Rossman is always a memorable year for our students. Not only do our sixth graders get to experience student life as “seniors” and close out the school year with a graduation ceremony, but they also have the privilege of taking on various leadership roles to help prepare them for secondary school and life after formal education. Whether it is serving as Rossman’s big brothers and sisters, writing and publishing our school newspaper (Rocket News), or organizing ways to support St. Louis World Food Day, our sixth graders embrace and enjoy the numerous ways in which...Read more


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