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December 2013

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Rossman was one of 30,000 schools worldwide to participate in the first ever “Hour of Code.” Over 16 million students joined in the fun using a variety of programs to learn and experience the basics of code.

Rossman students had a blast, from JK telling their BeeBots (programmable “bee” robots) how to get from one place to another to first grade rolling fuzzy balls through different mazes using the iPad app Kodable. Second graders manipulated “Light-Bots” on the iPad, instructing them to jump, turn, and move forward, backward, right...Read more

Nine hundred and forty Saturdays.

Dr. Harley Rotbart, pediatric doctor and author of No Regrets Parenting, did the math. He states that between the day a child is born and the time he or she turns 18, a family has 940 Saturdays — and 260 of them, Dr. Rotbart reminds us, are gone by your child’s fifth birthday. That’s poof! Gone! That fact is rather alarming!

We’ve all heard the expression, “A family that plays together stays together.” The benefits of playing board games are for both young and old alike. Children are curious little beings and absolutely...Read more

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