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October 2015


Rossman School fourth graders recently took a field trip to the Humane Society of Missouri, an organization that fights against cruelty towards animals and provides shelter to homeless and lost pets. Prior to our trip, fourth graders and their families collected items to donate to the shelter. Every morning, a new pile of blankets, toys, towels, and pet food would appear in the corner of our classroom.

Excitement buzzed through the air when...Read more

John Dewey, an influential American educator and philosopher, supported that “we learn from reflecting on experience.” Field trips are an integral part of the learning process, providing relevance through real-life connections. They offer students the perfect opportunity to build on their prior knowledge and think deeply about their experiences. We are fortunate at Rossman School to take wonderful field trips with our students for their educational benefit, and I encourage you to do the same as a family.

As part of our classroom routine in social studies, students are challenged, in...Read more

Rossman School has been named among the “50 Best Private Elementary Schools in the U.S.” by (TBS), a leading online education resource. Ranked at No. 31, Rossman was the only Missouri school to make the list.

In formulating the rankings for the list, TBS conducted extensive research, including evaluating parent and student reviews, to determine if ranking criteria were met. Criteria included such factors as exceeding local public schools in student success, producing students who are well prepared for secondary school, and treating parents as partners in the...Read more

The morning of September 28, Rossman’s sixth grade homeroom teachers and students climbed on a charter bus and headed south to Potosi, Missouri. The excitement was palpable as the students hugged their moms and dads goodbye for the week and wondered what to expect in the days to come. This adventure with the sixth grade students taught lessons and created memories that will last a lifetime.

With smiles on their faces and excitement in their voices, our camp counselors greeted the bus near a sign that read, “This is where the road ends and the fun begins.” The students matched the...Read more

STEM is a popular buzzword in the education world lately. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Recently an “A,” for Art, has been added to the acronym, transforming it into STEAM. Most often, people think of STEM for middle and high school aged children, however it can be implemented in the elementary grade levels. Research studies have shown students who experience STEM early through hands on learning will be best equipped with a strong understanding of STEM concepts as they grow older.

STEM in the elementary classroom can be as simple as changing the types of...Read more

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