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December 2015

The sounds of the Rossman School Holiday Program are still lingering in my ears. Last Thursday, over 200 students took to the stage at Missouri Baptist University’s Pillsbury Chapel and Dale Williams Fine Arts Center for the first time.

Weeks before, anticipation mounted as the littlest students wondered about the “red cape program” and older students worked hard in music class practicing pitch, articulation, rhythm patterns and how to look joyful. These preparations are not new, as Rossman School has presented a holiday program since 1917. However, standing on risers in a new venue...Read more

The evolution of friendship begins at birth and continues throughout a lifetime. The developmental process is at first mother dependent, but gradually moves to other people. At each stage of friendship, children want to feel a “connection” to someone, feel a sense of “power,” and receive “recognition.” These desires can cause conflicts between friends. Our job as adults is to guide our children to find a balance for each of these desires, so it supports friendships and does not enhance problems.

The notion of friendship begins with a close attachment between mother and baby. A...Read more

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