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February 2016

As we look out across the sea of faces in sixth grade these days, something seems a little different. Everyone is smiling, swaying and moving gently up and down to his or her own rhythm, like blades of sea grass, bobbing gently in a warm blue sea. Then, the topic of discussion changes and the students’ excitement becomes palpable. The once quiet, gentle movements shift and bodies begin to bounce a little higher, introducing more randomness into the group rhythm. The quiet sea turns more turbulent.

“Ok guys, turn it down a notch. You’re making us seasick up here!” we say with a smile...Read more

Living in St. Louis provides our families with four beautiful seasons throughout the year. The ever-changing temperature allows children to engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. However, once the rush of the winter holidays is finished, the cold weather can seem never-ending. How can we plan family activities that keep children engaged with the threat of snow, freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions?

Here are a few family-friendly activities that can turn a frosty day stuck indoors into an opportunity for everyone to have fun and learn a thing or two....Read more

These days, average American adults check their phones every six and a half minutes. We start early. There are now baby bouncers (and potty seats) that are manufactured with a slot to hold a digital device. A quarter of American teenagers are connected to a device within five minutes of waking up. Most teenagers send one hundred texts a day. Eighty percent sleep with their phones. Forty-four do not ‘unplug’ ever, not even in religious services or when playing a sport or exercising. (Source: Reclaiming...Read more

Fifth graders have been learning about a variety of artists in art class. Each student chose an artist’s name out of a hat. They used an iPad to research their assigned artist and discover when they worked, what art movement they were a part of, the style of art they created, and what types of art materials they used. Each student designed a large Rossman apple in the style of their artist and then presented their finished artwork and research to the class.

The goal was not to just recreate a work of art, but to make their own art influenced by their researched artist. It was fun to...Read more

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