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February 2017

This year I met a new friend who has challenged my thinking about my responsibility as a mother and educator in the most wonderful ways. He is the doorman at my favorite New York City hotel and his name is Laughter. Born in Africa, Laughter’s mother bestowed on her sweet baby boy a gift for life, his name. Naming a child is a critical rite of passage in his African culture as it is a parent’s declaration of the child’s uniqueness and a symbolic representation of the blessing and virtue wished upon his life. Laughter’s moniker is the perfect ontological expression of his temperament, spirit...Read more

How many parents take the time to read aloud to their children every night? Here’s what all parents need to know: You should definitely, absolutely, read aloud to your kids … all the time … and not just when they’re little. All young children love their favorite books read to them over and over again. It may seem repetitive to adults, but research shows that repeated reading of favorite books can boost vocabulary by up to 40%. It can be a strong contributing factor to a child’s success in school. You’d be surprised by how many of your older children still love being read to.

On ...Read more

The quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn,” can speak to many facets of our education system. Allowing students to have a real voice in their education and bringing it to life can help spark a student’s interest in ways that we as teachers might not have thought. In class, we work on making the lessons fun and engaging, but having the privilege to take students on field trips and allowing them to gain first hand experience on a topic can prove invaluable to the learning and retention process.

Fifth grade puts this quote to...Read more

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