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January 2021

The quintessential early childhood educator Fred Rogers has left us quite a legacy of knowledge regarding how children learn. His Six Necessities of Learning are basic ideas — practical and simple. During these times when learning at school and learning at home are the new “norm,” it’s more important than ever that teachers and parents partner in assisting each child to reach his full potential. The Six Necessities of Learning apply to...Read more

I (Jamie) still remember the day I walked into a coworker’s classroom and proudly showed him a poster I had made for my fourth graders who were struggling with long division. On the large sheet of paper, I had written a catchy mnemonic device and carefully drawn a related picture to spell out the steps to follow when solving a division problem. As a third-year teacher, I thought it was not only “Pinterest-worthy,” but also a flawless way to get my students to follow the process of long division. I was a bit taken aback when my coworker was much less enthusiastic about my poster. Instead,...Read more

I remember meeting with Mrs. Zurlinden before spring break in March of 2020. We had discussed the very real possibility of moving to remote learning after the break, and I wondered what that scenario could possibly look like for art. How could I teach art remotely? Mrs. Z told me one thing I’ll never forget, “Your job is to bring joy to the kids.”

Bringing Joy...Read more

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