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February 2021

Recently, fourth graders had the opportunity to help a published author complete her next work. Through cooperation with the Young Editors Project, an organization that connects young readers with authors who write for them, students were able to read an unfinished manuscript of a graphic novel targeted for children in their age group. As a class, we read the entire text of the story, and about a third of the illustrations were completed for us to enjoy. The chance to read a fantastic book, still unfinished and unavailable to others, was thrilling! As we read the story aloud, we placed...Read more


Much of my childhood was spent outside. I grew up having easy access to nature right in my backyard — trails, creeks and animals of all sorts. My siblings and I spent countless hours every week engaged in unstructured outdoor play, exploring together, making up games, and riding bikes on the “roads” we created. I’m fairly certain my parents were unaware of the developmental benefits of sending us outside to play all weekend long, that’s just what parents did “back then,”...Read more

The global pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives for the past year, including how we teach and our school experiences. As we approach the one year anniversary of the introduction of COVID-19 protocols into our daily lives at Rossman School, I have taken some time to reflect on the impact I have felt teaching Upper School science during the pandemic.

In Upper School science, Rossman students explore topics in life, earth and physical sciences in hand-on, engaging ways. They question, predict, design experiments, analyze results and communicate their findings in...Read more

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