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May 2021

A teacher is a gardener. When I think of teaching and beginning a new school year, I am excited by the possibilities of what my students can grow to be. A teacher, much like a gardener, must consider if the environment is prepared for success. A new seed or plant will not be very successful if the conditions are not right to meet its needs to grow. The same can be said for a student. A student must be in an environment that has been set up to meet his or her needs and has been thoughtfully considered for success. A developmentally appropriate environment for plants is one in which there...Read more

As a former anxiety-ridden small child who would hyperventilate at the thought of potentially seeing a classmate in public, I have always been interested in learning new tools to give students for managing their worries.

In the book Superpowered, authors Reena Jain and Dr. Shefali Tsabary offer kids practical ways to transform anxiety into positive stuff, like bravery, excitement and resilience.

When children think about the future, they start experiencing what the book...Read more

This winter, the Senior Kindergarten bird unit ended with a wonderful performance of the book Noisy Bird Sing-Along by John Himmelman. Wearing the mask that each had made and decorated in art class, students represented the different species and performed the unique bird calls in the book as our school librarian, Marie Unanue, narrated. Before helping film the performance, I discreetly propped my phone in the back of the room and hit record for a behind the scenes timelapse video. The result was a 30-second clip that could be a subcategory in Newton’s existing law of motion — a...Read more

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