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January 2022

Junior Kindergarten is a place where mistakes and successes happen everyday, and we learn from both. It’s part of the learning process! 

“Oops! Let’s try this again!” is something that children and adults alike are often heard to say in any school setting. Rheta DeVries and Christina Sales’ Ramps and Pathways – A Constructivist Approach to Physics with Young Children is a book that we have found to be a helpful model to use as we help children to learn from and guide the mistakes that they make in the building process. “When people ask for a definition of ...Read more

Every Tuesday morning after grammar class, sixth graders spill out of their classroom and bounce down the halls to various conference rooms and offices to meet their advisors. These small groups of five to six students meet every week and are led by Sixth Grade Teachers Zack Mouw and Rachel Price, Learning Consultant Heather Blome, Head of School Elizabeth Zurlinden, and me as Upper School Director. Our Tuesday advisory meeting is one of my favorite parts of the week.

While advisory groups are a unique opportunity for sixth grade students, the program at its core is a continuation...Read more

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