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Adaptive Community Leadership

By: Upper Social Studies Teacher/Student Council Coordinator Erin Moore

October 20, 2020

Student Council allows students to become actively involved in decision making for the Rossman School community. With everything happening in the world right now, it is more important than ever to encourage students to express themselves and have open lines of communication with both the faculty and student body. Allowing students to take control in a time when they feel like they have none, can help them express their emotions. It is also crucial that we keep a sense of normalcy within the school and something as identifiable as Student Council is a great way to achieve that goal. 

This year when asked why they wanted to run for Student Council, students responded with, “to make the school a better place,” “to take a risk and try and experience new things,” “the ability to get to know and work with students in different grades,” and “to have fun!” Even with everything happening, Rossman students still model the attitude of positivity and optimism! Students are having to find new ways to reach out and keep the lines of communication open with their classmates and the school as a whole. Students had the opportunity to create videos to encourage their classmates to vote for them and it was amazing to see their great ideas and to witness them adapt to our changing times! Watching them create videos to get the “word out” and increase student participation in fundraisers is another great example!

blog_stuco2020-1.jpgThis year, Student Council’s focus is on keeping school spirit high and adjusting our usual routine to accommodate certain limitations. Now, instead of meeting at school on Tuesdays, we all head home and prepare to connect via Zoom. It is so enjoyable to allow students time at the beginning of meetings to share a little bit about themselves and their goals for Student Council. All members have made it clear that even though things look different, they are still excited about the experience and want to continue with certain traditions as best they can. One of those is fundraisers for those less fortunate. Student Council’s October sock drive will benefit a local homeless shelter. Students are taking into account that many are struggling right now and that every little bit helps. It is inspiring to see their excitement over the idea of helping those in need. (Pictured: Student Council representatives announce sock drive results.)

The social studies teacher in me did come out during the election process for Student Council. The process provided an easy and relatable way to bring the way elections work into the classroom. Running the elections this year, I found it easy to relate to the process for the upcoming elections in November. It definitely sparked some great debates in class and showed students democracy in action!

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