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The Annual Fund: Faculty Reflections

By: Director of Development Cathleen Wyckoff

September 11, 2018

Did you know that all independent schools have an Annual Fund – elementary schools, secondary schools and even colleges? While public schools rely on support from the government and taxes, private schools rely solely on tuition, income from their endowment and Annual Fund gifts.

Parent support of Rossman’s Annual Fund is vital to the success of the school. You might ask, “How does my Annual Fund gift affect my child, his classmates, the faculty and staff, or the school?” A few of our faculty and staff reflected on some of the ways the Annual Fund enhances learning in and out of the classroom.

“Community service is big part of our school, and in fourth grade we are excited to be able to extend our outreach this year. By adding a new field trip to the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Mo., students will have the opportunity to see that there are a variety of animals that are rescued, nurtured and adopted. In connection with this, we will continue our work with and visit to the Humane Society.”

—Fourth Grade Teacher Amy McMullin

“Rossman’s generous library budget empowers me to nurture a love for reading in every child as well as provide ample resources to support learning on countless topics. I’m always thankful for the opportunity to purchase the most current and most popular books for our students. Our library is very much like a bookstore. With over 13,000 titles, there is truly something for everyone.”

—Librarian Lin Edmonston

“We were delighted to purchase a rug and directors’ chairs for our room. The area provides a relaxed and inviting space for our morning meetings, lit groups and reading time.

Second Grade Teacher Melissa Kriegshauser

“I was so excited to purchase a few green screen Flipgrid tents. Students can sit inside or stand on the outside and record. These types of tools enhance their learning of media creation using green screen technology. It is so great to be able to introduce this type of technology to them!”

—Technology Coordinator Becky Taylor

“I was at the teacher store this summer and two teachers were trying to decide which $25 teaching tool to purchase. Should they get both and pay for it themselves or just purchase one? We are very thankful for the budget and tools we are given here at Rossman. To not have to spend our own money, or try to decide which tools would be better for the class is so reassuring. It allows us to really focus on the teaching.

—Junior Kindergarten Teacher Mary Dryden

The faculty and staff of Rossman are committed to ensuring the best possible education and experience for each and every student. They give so much of their time and talents and we are proud to share that they also have a longstanding tradition of reaching 100% participation in the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund really does make a big difference in helping the school maintain a balanced budget while also providing for those unique opportunities that make Rossman so special.


Rossman School, nestled on a 20-acre campus in Creve Coeur, is an independent preparatory school for students in Junior Kindergarten (four years old) through Grade 6. The school’s mission is to provide a strong, well-balanced education in a nurturing school community committed to excellence. Dedicated to developing personal, nurturing relationships with each child, Rossman’s experienced educators provide a solid foundation in academics, athletics and arts while emphasizing strong character development and leadership skills.​ Request a free Rossman School brochure here.

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