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Fight Against Germs

By: Lower School Science Teacher Abbie Duvall

October 17, 2016


As the winter months approach and the seasons change, we tend to see more colds, coughs and flus going around the school. However, our second graders are prepared to fight the battle. In the Lower School science classroom we are learning defenses against germs and strategies to help prevent the spread. Before we could help prevent the spread of germs, second grade needed to understand how easily germs could spread from one person to the next.

blog_germs3.jpgWe did an experiment using glitter to represent germs on our hands to show how it can rub off on everything you touch. By the end of class not only did everyone have glitter (germs) on them, it was also on materials and books, and we even found glitter down the hallway in other classrooms as well. It was a great visual representation of how fast germs spread. Once the students realized how effortlessly we all spread germs to each other, they wanted to find out how to help stop them.


Our skin and white blood cells are two defenses we already have that help protect us from germs without even trying. But our third defense is where we can really fight those germs and help stop the spread.  Washing our hands with warm water and soap is the best action we can take. The second graders tested a few strategies to see which defense would get rid of the germs the best. They tested not washing your hands, quickly running your hands through water, washing quickly with soap and water, hand sanitizer, and washing your hands with warm water and soap for about 20 seconds. The clear winner was washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Once the students did this almost every single piece of glitter (germ) was gone!

blog_germs7.jpgIf you sneeze or cough into your hands those germs now cover your hands, but spending time to wash your hands can help get rid of them before you can get someone else sick. Also washing your hands before you eat anything is especially important because we want to make sure our hands are germ free before using them to eat food we put in our body. Being aware and keeping people educated on the defenses against germs can hopefully stop the spread and help our bodies stay healthy and strong.


Be smart, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and show us that you are helping the fight against germs! To help remind you how long you need to wash your hands, you can sing this song twice while washing:

Wash, wash, wash your hands

Wash those germs away

Soap and water does the trick,

To keep them clean all day.

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