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Known, Valued and Loved in SK!

By: Senior Kindergarten Teachers Kathleen Bauer, Lauren Brody and Anne Marie Christopher

September 24, 2018

A common theme threading and unfolding across each aspect of social emotional and academic learning endeavors in the Senior Kindergarten classroom is the fact that every student is KNOWN, VALUED and LOVED.

KNOWN as a unique individual.
Each learner is given multiple opportunities to show who they are and how they learn best. Through careful assessments and detailed conversations and lessons, each learning activity provides an effort for the teachers and students to connect and build upon prior knowledge as each style of learner is given multiple opportunities to strengthen.

VALUED as a unique individual.
Every student is filled with many gifts to offer. As growth takes place, it is a priority to celebrate each small moment of success. Students blossom as we watch them value each other and grow within the process.

LOVED as a unique individual.
All children are sincerely loved, accepted and celebrated for who they are. Focusing in on love as a gift that is priceless, we practice realizing that love goes on and on and on. It multiplies and is kind.

The Whole Child
Children enter Senior Kindergarten at a range of levels emotionally, socially, academically, and developmentally. There is a focus on the WHOLE child, who they are as a learner, and how this will look for them as they grow and develop. Early in the school year, units of study on colors, community helpers, manners, emotions, and Johnny Appleseed are favorites. These lessons offer times of exploration and discovery about self and others, and they inspire each amazing learner to reach their full potential. 

In his article “Know Thyself (If you can)”, veteran educator Richard Barbieri explains that self-perception as well as the perceptions of others toward actions will impact learning circumstances. Self-knowledge and awareness alone will have a greater influence in the realm of learning when organizational insights of knowing and cultivating oneself are present.

An SK Hero
Dr. Suess’s amazing life of trying and trying again, as well as who the author was as a person and student, is a topic of study that teachers and students resonate with over and over. Every March, some may see the traditional SK Seuss Parade and think it is merely a time for the class to “dress up.” Actually, the parade is a culmination of our study of this amazing life and person and how students may practice their author and creativity skills.

Diving Deep
SK students are encouraged and invited to engage deep into knowing and appreciating themselves as well as those around them. Through movement, reading, speaking, singing, writing, listening, role-playing, and creative art projects — in large, small and one-on-one groupings — the children learn and internalize these concepts. Within and throughout the process, students find deep connections to set them up for success with future learning endeavors. They also talk of these ideas and experiences through the years while they remain on campus in higher grade levels and later when they return to visit as alumni.

As our beloved author and one of our SK heroes, Dr. Seuss, says, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”


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