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Learning in Senior Kindergarten

By: Senior Kindergarten Teachers Kathleen Bauer, Lauren Brody and Jill Morris

November 2, 2015

We always learn in many a way.
It happens each and every day
Through all of our lessons in Senior K.

Our five senses really come alive
As into each unit we take a dive.
At most of these turns we sing and jive.

We see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.
We always give our learning a cheer.

From art to writing, with every turn,
It seems we have another song to learn.

Through our movement and some dance,
Sitting, walking, and in every stance,
Our memory finds another chance…

To realize, verbalize, and vocalize,
And consistently get its exercise.

As we have a lot of conversation
We find even more visualization.

Loved into learning each and every Heart
The lessons we’ve learned will not depart.


Seniors sang before the entire student body at the Monday Morning Gathering on October 19.

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