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Lessons from Sixth Grade Camp

By: Sixth Grade Teachers Debbie Brummit and Jim Holmes

October 12, 2016

The Class of 2017 recently returned from a week at sixth grade camp. Through activities like creek walking, orienteering, woodworking, journal making, barter games, rock climbing, night hikes, and more, this class verified their ability to problem solve, overcome mental obstacles and work together as a team, time and time again.

A highlight for this class was when they successfully completed the legendary dot game (which requires focus, strategy, and teamwork). Not only did the Class of 2017 complete the task a day before the deadline, but they also solved the game a second time in under 15 minutes (half of the allotted time)!

Class member, Lilly D. summarized the week perfectly when she wrote, “At first I was so afraid of staying away from home for a week. Now, I know that I am more independent. Then, all of a sudden I realized that my class is way more than just an ordinary class, it’s a family.”

The students learned a lot, and we hope that you can gain a sense of their experience through the photos below and the words the students wrote.

“I used to think that camp would be scary. But then, I got to know the counselors and I experienced the magic of camp. Now, I know that I should never judge things until I have tried or accomplished them.” —Anna P.


“I used to think we would never finish the team building exercises. Then, we all expressed our ideas together and used the thumbs up method. Now, I think we have come back as a sixth grade class with better teamwork skills that we can use together getting through tough situations at school.” —Avery S.


“I used to think sixth grade camp would be rough like boot camp, but I then I realized it was so fun and the counselors were so nice. Now, I know not to judge things before I actually do them.” –C.J. G.    


“I used to think I would get so homesick so bad, but then I found out that other people care about me too. Now, I know that even if you are not where you truly lie, as long as other people care for you, you will always feel like home.” —Connor J.


“I used to not think much of the stars and I took them for granted, but then I spent a long time looking at them. Now, I know to never take anything for granted.” —Grant D.


“I used to think that rock climbing was impossible and not fun at all, but then I conquered the tower and found the activity exhilarating. Now, I know that to truly get a taste of something and understand it, you must persevere through it, no matter how reluctant you are to do it.” —Ryan H.


“I used to think that I would never climb the ‘rappelling’ wall. Then I touched the top of the one at camp. Now, I know that I should try things I thought I couldn’t do before I decide to say, ‘I can’t do this.’” —Preston A.


“I used to believe that solving the dot game was impossible, but our class successfully worked together to solve it. Now, I know that if we set our minds to the goal we can achieve anything.” —Katie K.


“I used to think spiders were evil, but I learned about spiders a little more. Now, I think that they are amazing and awesome creatures.” —Mason M.


“I used to think that the cooking at camp would be terrible. Then I tasted the tacos. Now, I know that my classmates are better cooks than I thought.” —Christopher B.

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