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New in the Library

By: Librarian Lin Edmonston

September 22, 2015

Shiver me timbers! There are pirates in the library!

Aye matey! You heard it correctly. Reading pirates have invaded the library! JK, SK and first grade enjoyed dressing like pirates last week to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was a mighty day filled with pirate stories, walking the plank, sea songs, hunting for treasure and munching on goldfish. Libraries aren’t the quiet places they once were. Arrgh!

Aside from our pirate adventures, the library year has started full speed ahead. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are encouraged to read a new set of books each year called the Mark Twain Nominees. This is an optional reading program sponsored by librarians across the state. The students read and vote for their favorite. Rossman students have been scampering to find copies of the titles. I have encouraged them to reserve one of the many copies of each book available at the St. Louis County Library. Fifth and sixth grade students who read all the nominees and an additional eight books will earn a special Reading Award from Head of School Pat Shipley and myself to be presented in May at a Monday Morning Gathering. Fourth grade participants will read all the nominees to earn their certificate.

Fourth and fifth graders also are preparing for their research papers scheduled this year. Fourth graders will each research a mammal, and fifth graders will tackle the Civil War. I am working with them to find good reliable sources of information in all formats including Internet sources. We will be using our databases, WorldBookOnline and Explora, to navigate the searching process. They will be required to write a complete bibliography too (not an easy task).

Ancient Egypt is on the mind of the sixth grade students as they work on a project in library as well as study this fascinating topic in social studies. In library they are researching an Egyptian god and presenting the information they find in the form of an art project, a presentation in Google Slides, or an iMovie.

Author and illustrator Patricia Polacco visited third grade students on a video provided by our TeachingBooks.Net subscription. She is an incredible storyteller. The class was asked to read one of her books and describe the lesson or “moral of the story.” Her books are often based on her family and real experiences and are a springboard for character studies.

I would like to recommend a website for families to use in selecting books, movies and video games:

The mission of Common Sense Media is to “[improve] the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, and other information about all types of media.” Parenting in today’s world is a challenge, and this website offers help and suggestions. It is a non-profit organization so no one benefits financially from the suggestions.

Finally, remember all families have Rossman Library barcodes and are encouraged to check out books! Keep reading to and with your children. It is the best thing you can do for them.

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