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Spotlight on Extended Day

By: Permanent Substitute Teacher Denise Boyd and Permanent Substitute Teacher/Extended Day Supervisor Caroline Ivey

October 7, 2021

In the Extended Day program, our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your child is able to grow academically and socially.  After 8 hours of learning with their classroom teachers, the Extended Day teachers aim to provide balance in other ways. Students are able to play and participate in games with their classmates, play outside on the playground and field, and have unstructured free choice time. 

If you look in the different classrooms during Extended Day, there are a variety of activities happening!  From making slime to fort building to board games, we seek to create an atmosphere where students are encouraged and enabled to learn through play. Collaboration, cooperation, self-initiative, and self-regulation are just some of the skills students are practicing that will prepare them to be  responsible 21st century citizens.  In the article, The Importance of Play Based Learning,  author Katie Chiavarone says, "Not only is it an incredible source of fun and socialization, but play is also crucial to children’s learning and development. Their intellectual, physical, and social-emotional abilities emerge and are strengthened through play... And, it is how children learn how to negotiate with peers, problem-solve, and improvise.”  Extended Day is allowing children the opportunity to grow through these things! 

Whether they are learning how to play a new strategic board game or creating forts from cardboard boxes, there is fun and engagement to be found all around in Extended Day!  

Rossman School, nestled on a 20-acre campus in St. Louis, is a private preparatory school for students in Junior Kindergarten (four years old) through Grade 6. The school’s mission is to provide a strong, well-balanced education in a nurturing school community committed to excellence. Dedicated to developing personal, nurturing relationships with each child, Rossman’s experienced educators provide a solid foundation in academics, athletics and arts while emphasizing strong character development and leadership skills.​ Request a free Rossman School brochure here.
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