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Team Sports and the Individual

By: Physical Education Teachers Larry Huusko and Jenna Lucas

October 28, 2019

As you grow and develop as an athlete, your individual skills also improve. In team sports, this individuality may seem lost or insignificant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The better, more confident the individual is, the better the team will be. An athlete who knows their own ability level and enjoys participating with others in a team sport will enhance and improve the overall performance of the team. A piece of that growth is clearly defining the role of each player.

All team sports have various roles that must be performed simultaneously at a high level to be successful. Understanding your role is a vital part of gaining that self confidence and an important part for the success of the team.

A Flag football team, for example, has many players. The center must successfully hike the ball to the quarterback at the appropriate time to begin each play. Without a successful hike the play doesn’t happen. Multiply this by the other players and their roles on offense and you can begin to see the complexity of playing a team sport and just how important each member of the team is.  

It’s great to be the “Tom Brady’s” of the sports world, but all of his teammates must perform their roles exceptionally well for the touchdowns to happen.  

Knowing your role and understanding how it fits into the team’s strategy could be the difference between winning and losing. But, more importantly, understanding and enjoying your role will lead to trying your hardest for your team and can bring you self confidence to grow as an athlete. 


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