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Third Graders’ Creativity Showcased in Published Writing

By: Third Grade Teachers Lynn Frankenberger and Kristie Kerber

March 29, 2021

According to author Neil Gaiman, “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” For teachers, observing students become completely engrossed in a book is such a beautiful sight. A long-standing tradition for the third graders at Rossman is to become published authors. Every year, the students choose one of their writing pieces that they have written from September through March to publish in a hard-bound book through a company called Studentreasures. This lasting keepsake showcases their creativity through these incredible stories that they are proud to share with their family and friends for a lifetime.

Throughout the year, the third graders experience the entire writing process — prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing — to write several pieces such as a Witches’ Brew recipe, persuasive essay and personal narrative. The students integrate the many mini-lessons taught in the classroom into these pieces. For example, they incorporate striking words and phrases that catch the reader’s eye, use showing details that bring their story to life, and add their voice so that the reader feels a strong interaction with the writer.

Once the students have chosen which piece they would like to publish in our class book, they spend time revising with their family using our comments and suggestions on ways to improve their writing. Along with the story, the students digitally illustrate a picture to accompany their writing using the website Explain Everything. These pieces of writing and illustrations are sent to the company for final publication in a hard-bound book. 

It truly is inspiring when alumni return to Rossman and inquire about this beloved tradition. We often hear, “Do you still publish the stories that the students write in class?” or “I still have my book on my shelf at home!” Statements like these are the reasons we continue this tradition to this day. This book really is a treasure.


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