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The Annual Fund


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About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund strives to fulfill two goals:

  • 100% parent participation, and
  • a dollar amount set by the Board of Trustees

Gifts to the Annual Fund help Rossman meet current needs and sustain the extraordinary learning opportunities that set it apart. These tax-deductible gifts make up 7% of the School's annual operating budget (Tuition and income from investments make up only 93%). This year’s target contribution is $1,900 per student. 

2021-2022 At a Glance

Pledge Deadline: September 24, 2021
Payment Deadline: May 15, 2022

Goals: $318,000 and 100% parent participation

Ask Per Student:
1 student   = $1,900
2 students = $3,800
3 students = $5,700
4 students = $7,600 

Matching Gifts Make a Difference: Last year, matching gifts accounted for 4%, or $12,285, of total Annual Fund dollars. Find out if your employer is a matching gift company.

Parent Participation to Date:

Junior Kindergarten



Third Grade


Senior Kindergarten



Fourth Grade


First Grade



Fifth Grade


Second Grade



Sixth Grade


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Annual Fund Blitz FAQs 2021-2022


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As an independent school, most of the money needed for operation comes from tuition. Rossman does not receive federal, state or church funds. When the Board of Trustees sets the budget, it is largely based on income from tuition and fees, but the quality of the school’s programs, the select faculty and the scope of activities cost more than tuition provides. Interest from investments and the Annual Fund bridge the gap between the tuition families pay and the actual cost to provide a Rossman education.

Strong parent participation signals institutional strength and school pride. It makes a statement to various foundations and corporations who look at these numbers when considering their own financial support. It also means that more individuals are sharing the financial responsibility to support the School. Across the nation, independent school families are making it clear that they understand the need to support schools to the best of their ability.

Yes! Our community has fewer supporters than a large university or national charity. Because the number who will give is small, every gift is important. 

We strive to fulfill two main goals:

  • 100% participation from our families, and
  • a dollar amount set by the Board of Trustees. 

We ask our families to give to the best of their ability and at a level that is comfortable for them. Our target contribution for 2017-2018 is $1,900 per student, however the value of gifts at the Blue and Gold Society levels ($2,500+) cannot be underestimated. These gifts account for over 50% of our total Annual Fund. All Annual Fund gifts to Rossman School are tax-deductible based on the school's 501(c)(3) charitable status.

This year's Annual Fund Blitz is September 10-21. You will be asked to make your pledge during this time. Payment is not due until May 15, 2019. There are many ways you can choose to make your gift or pledge:

Optionally, you may make an online pledge.

Rossman School is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit institution. Unlike a for-profit business, which aims to make money, Rossman aims to provide our students with the very best education. By nature, high-quality schools are labor-intensive and people-oriented. In order to provide the best programs and competitive compensation to our outstanding faculty and staff, we continually evaluate and assess tuition increases, auxiliary programs and effective fundraising initiatives.

And unlike tuition, contributions to Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible and allow each family to give at a meaningful level to which they are able.

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