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Lessons from Sixth Grade Camp

By: Sixth Grade Teachers Debbie Brummit and Jim Holmes

October 4, 2017

The Class of 2018 recently returned from a week at sixth grade camp. This class started the week off with an intense creek walk, navigating a creek never trekked by a Rossman School class before. They continued making a name for themselves as they enjoyed orienteering, woodworking, journal making, barter games, rock climbing, emotional campfires, night hikes, and more. We were not surprised when this class used their friendship and care for each other to problem solve, overcome mental obstacles and work together as a team, time and time again.

There were many highlights during the week for this class. The food they cooked was fantastic. We ate well at camp this year! They also enjoyed the many fun games and handled the outdoors, bugs and all, like troopers. Each night they found themselves exhausted and ready for a great night’s sleep cozy in their cabins.

Class member, Ethan A. summarized the week perfectly when he wrote, “I used to think that classmates were just people that we went to class with, but then I went to the camp bonfire, and now I realize that we are like brothers and sisters.” This is a special class with special bonds. We hope you gain a sense of their experience through the photos and words from some of our sixth graders.

“I used to think I could never navigate with a map and compass, but I went orienteering, now I think I know how to navigate with map and compass. How cool is that!?” —Alison B.


“I used to think hiking is an unnecessary activity, but then we hiked through woods finding flags and chatting, and now I believe that everyone should try hiking to see what it is like.” —Ameer H.


“I used to think that I couldn’t cook my own food, but then I went to sixth grade camp and cooked my own food, and now I think that I can cook my own food.” —Andy M.


“I used to think being alone in the woods would frighten me, but when I sat alone with the peaceful sounds of fire crackling, wax dripping, and crickets singing, I realized that I can’t always assume things without taking a chance and swinging even if I might miss the ball.” —Arden S.


“I used to think that electronics were a necessity. But then I went a week without them. Now I know that they are a privilege” —Asher S.


“I used to think that walking the creek walk would be the ickiest thing I would ever experience but then we did it and I found that it wasn’t so bad after all and I learned to always hope for the best.” —Ipsita B.


“I used to think that climbing a rock wall with a blindfold would be impossible, but with the guidance of my kind classmates and a huge amount of courage, I made it to the top and attained my goal.” —Madison S.


“I used to think that our class couldn’t finish the dot game, but we tried really hard and we did it! Now, I think if you try hard enough, you can accomplish any goal.” —Simon B.


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