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Twenty alumni from the Class of 2010 teamed up March 4 for Rossman’s 29th annual Spirit Day basketball game. The high school seniors went head to head with fifth and sixth graders, making a valiant effort despite the wacky games concocted by P.E. teachers Larry Huusko and Jenna Lucas. The alumni handicaps included imaginative challenges like: "Barrel Ball," in which the alumni team played ball while holding up Kan Jam goals; "Daytona 500" in which only alumni riding on scooters could shoot, pass or dribble; "Relative Game," in which relatives of the alumni created some friendly

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The Class of 2009 made a valiant effort in the 28th annual Spirit Day basketball game on March 6, but the fifth and sixth graders defeated the high school seniors 71-14. However, the alumni team proved victorious too, showing a great sense of humor and impressive skills amidst the 13 imaginative alumni handicaps dreamed up by P.E. teachers Jenna Babcock and Larry Huusko. 

Twenty-six members of Rossman’s Class of 2009 returned for the hijinks. The returning seniors represented John Burroughs School (10), Ladue High School (3), MICDS (6), Parkway Central High School (1), St. Louis....Read more

The Rossman School Parents’ Club rolled out the red carpet on March 7 for a media-themed trivia night that raised more than $40,000 for the children of Rossman School. Nearly 150 parents, alumni and faculty gathered in the Marshall gymnasium to participate in the rousing trivia competition, which ended in a three-way tie for first place. Teams also competed in contests for best costume and best table decorations. Up for grabs in a silent auction was a dazzling array of class projects and Rossman rarities.

The event was chaired by six dedicated parents: Praida Daengsurisri, Lucie...Read more


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