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Around the start of each school year, Rossman and many other independent schools around the world, gear up for the start of their Annual Fund Campaign.

With just a quick Google search, you can find things such as “incredible” strategies, “awesome” appeals and “best” practices to enhance such a campaign. There are also articles highlighting three major components of a successful campaign and critical elements of an annual appeal letter, along with samples of Annual Fund videos ranging from serious to comedic.

While all this can provide some new ideas to a development or Annual...Read more

Did you know that all independent schools have an Annual Fund – elementary schools, secondary schools and even colleges? While public schools rely on support from the government and taxes, private schools rely solely on tuition, income from their endowment and Annual Fund gifts.

Parent support of Rossman’s Annual Fund is vital to the success of the school. You might ask, “How does my Annual Fund gift affect my child, his classmates, the faculty and staff, or the school?” A few of our faculty and staff reflected on some of the ways the Annual Fund enhances learning in and out of the...Read more

phi·lan·thro·py (noun)

1: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. 2: a charitable act or gift

Did you know that an important part of private school culture is the concept of philanthropy? In fact, most private schools are registered non-profit organizations that rely on the charitable giving of their communities in order to operate. Since tuition does not cover all of Rossman’s expenses, the Annual Fund and income from the school’s endowment help fund the...Read more

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