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“Before we leave the gym, what is important for us to remember about walking in the hallway?” I overheard the aforementioned question after school one day, asked by a beloved Extended Day teacher whom students know as Mr. Jeff. Though the question posed to the class of first graders may seem simple, it is powerful and layered with intentionality.

As Rachel Dixon shared in an earlier blog entry, our faculty participated in...Read more

In the Extended Day program, our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your child is able to grow academically and socially.  After 8 hours of learning with their classroom teachers, the Extended Day teachers aim to provide balance in other ways. Students are able to play and participate in games with their classmates, play outside on the playground and field, and have unstructured free choice time. 

If you look in the different classrooms during Extended Day, there are a variety of activities happening!  From making slime to fort building to board games, we seek to...Read more

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