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Rossman’s library is not your grandma’s library.


Pirates have invaded the Rossman Library! Aargh! Shiver Me Timbers! We are talking like pirates, reading pirate books, looking for gold and munching on goldfish. What an experience!

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blog_finemotor-4.jpgIn the art room, children are getting creative, solving problems, and even exercising. This may be a surprise. Although we don’t often break a sweat, each day little hands are building up their fine motor muscles. In addition to all of the great educational benefits of the visual arts, the physical development that takes place in the classroom is also...Read more

blog-reuse-6.jpgThere is an ongoing effort in education to collaborate, communicate and connect across the curriculum. In the fall, after a shipment of new supplies was delivered to Mrs. Taylor, our technology coordinator, she offered the packing pieces to the SK classroom. We quickly put them to good use. What a wonderful time of constructing and creating evolved from this...Read more

We always learn in many a way.
It happens each and every day
Through all of our lessons in Senior K.

Our five senses really come alive
As into each unit we take a dive.
At most of these turns we sing and jive.

We see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.
We always give our learning a cheer.

From art to writing, with every turn,
It seems we have another song to learn.

Through our movement and some dance,
Sitting, walking, and in every...Read more

Shiver me timbers! There are pirates in the library!

Aye matey! You heard it correctly. Reading pirates have invaded the library! JK, SK and first grade enjoyed dressing like pirates last week to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was a mighty day filled with pirate stories, walking the plank, sea songs, hunting for treasure and munching on goldfish. Libraries aren’t the quiet places they once were. Arrgh!

Aside from our pirate adventures, the library year has started full speed ahead. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are encouraged to read a new set of books each...Read more

The 2014 Hour of Code was held worldwide last week, and Rossman School once again participated in this extraordinary event. Our students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 spent at least one hour last week doing activities in their classrooms sponsored by We were a small part of the 75 million people that had fun while learning the basics of coding.

Our goal is to get our students excited about the possibilities that lay before them and help them understand that learning to code will help them in whatever direction their lives take...Read more

Columbus Day in Senior K!
Are you ready to sail away?

In fourteen hundred ninety two …
Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

If you were living in that day?
Would you be brave and sail away?
Or would you on the dry land stay?

We took a vote and made a graph.
Take a look it may give you a laugh!

Some said yes please let me on
for a fun adventure to sail!

Others said no I’m so so scared that
I will see a crocodile...Read more

Yarn Paintings

After learning to draw different types of lines, Senior Kindergarten students turned yarn into line paintings. Enjoy their original and creative masterpieces.

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By Nathaniel B.




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